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Think You Are Too Small to Have a Point Of Sale System? If So, You Always Will Be.

March 27th, 2015

We hear it all the time. Many businesses believe they are too small to need the capability of a POS system. They do not feel the need to track what their business is doing financially, or have data on their hottest selling items, or even to get a handle on labor. All that may currently be true, but if it is and you maintain the opinion that you are too small, you will always be too small. You will never be successful enough to need that Point of Sale System.

For those of this opinion, and those that believe a system may be too complicated and high tech for them there is an alternative. This is not an Apple™ or Android™ based tablet. Those can be expensive and use apps that someone develops that “thinks” they know what your needs are. This type of device is designed to do email, surf the web, Facebook and chat, not to run a business. Further, they cost several hundred dollars each and have monthly service fees for the running of the POS app.

Now on the market, through our office, is a device that grows with your business, looks good and its design is for the specific purpose of running a business. It is very user friendly and can grow as you grow. It is also less expensive than a full featured POS system or even one of the tablet systems that are on the market.

The Harbortouch Echo™ can be run in three different modes of operation. First, as a simple calculator that adds up the sales, totals them and processes for the correct amount. It may get tedious keying in $4.95 for every burger every time, or $14.95 for each haircut, so you add them as items. Examples would be men’s haircut, $14.95 and child’s haircut, $7.95. Buttons then appear on the screen for each item and it goes into cash register mode. I‘ve use a salon example but it can work for any type of business.

In cash register mode, it totals the items you touch and processes the sale for the correct amount. If you do not have an item entered, the calculator can be used to add the price to the total. In this mode, it also becomes your time clock and tracks labor. You can also download reports for sales to see what the best-selling items are, adjust inventory, list of services or menu items and become more efficient in your offerings, and more profitable. Information about what your customers prefer is a powerful thing to have when building a business. Now you are getting a picture of how your business is doing and can make decisions that allow it to grow.

Now comes the fun part, you expand and make more offerings. The screen becomes cluttered in the cash register mode. With the Echo™ it is easy to create categories and modifiers. A category may be hair services. Under that may be haircut, beard trim, shave, etc… Touch haircut and the modifiers may be Men’s, women’s, female child under 10 and male child under 10, each with a different price. Your business is now more streamlined, you have better information and you enter the pricing on each item with the touch of a screen. You are now in the realm of POS information, actually seeing data on where your business is coming from.

Maintenance of the Echo™ is very reasonably priced and it will add to your bottom line. As you grow the next step is the Harbortouch Elite™. You can contact us through our website at to inquire about how to get your Echo™ or Elite™ system placed in your business for free! Give us a call. Let’s chat, maybe do a webinar about how using one of these systems can change your business.