Apple Pay™ is so Easy To Use but It Is Hard to Find Places to Use It.

February 19th, 2015

Many of you have seen my opinions on this in articles I have written. I am a firm believer that Apple Pay™ may well be the most secure way to make and accept payments.  See my opinion  on the Apple Pay™ platform in my Linkedin post on the subject.  I’ve also published what I think are the 3 best reasons to upgrade to NFC enabled terminals.

There are millions of Apple Pay™ enabled phones now in the hands of customers and they are looking for places to use the new technology. Savvy merchants are upgrading their equipment to take EMV because of the new rules. Make sure when you do that you can also take the various NFC payment forms such as Apple Pay™.

Choose a provider wisely and this equipment upgrade can be done free of charge. Choose poorly and it can cost hundreds of dollars. Now is the time to consider the upgrade. Being one of the salons, boutiques or sporting goods stores that accepts Apple Pay™ may help increase your customer base.

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